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Documentation bullet Error Messages?

This article will present a simple message example for inappropriate settings that may lead to network problems.

1.  How to see error messages?

If calls cannot be sent or received in your network then it is a good idea to start looking in your headquarters' telnet for error messages. You are able to see if your settings are incorrect by reading the information contained in them. The error messages may refer to jumping the required fields( such as “Trusted”) when setting branches in headquarter.

Note:If you don't know how to use telnet for FreeSentral, read How do I debug FreeSentral?.

2.  Problems with Trusted?

If “Trusted” is unchecked the message below will appear in the command line:

 FreeSentral : register.php : entered return_route(called='800',caller='700',
               username='',address='',already-auth='',reason='', trusted='')
 FreeSentral : register.php : classified call as being 'from outside'
 FreeSentral : register.php : entered routeToDid('800')
 FreeSentral : register.php : entered makePickUp(called='800',caller='700')
 FreeSentral : register.php : trying routeToExtension(called='800')
 FreeSentral : register.php : forbidding call to '800' because call is 'from outside'
 <sip/28:MILD> Call rejected error='forbidden' reason='No route to call target' [0x7f2aa8000d40

The headquarter will reject the call with the error='forbidden' and will not forward the call. So the phones from a branch can only call to phones of that branch and the external calls will not be handled by the headquarter. The above error message will appear only when the headquarter does not recognize the number. Before taking desperate measures, check the number and see if it is a network extension or a known number. In some cases, this error message just lets you know the caller does not belong to the network.

3.  Problems with International Calls?

 FreeSentral : register.php : classified call as being 'from inside'
 FreeSentral : register.php : entered routeToDid('0040744332211')
 FreeSentral : register.php : entered makePickUp(called='0040744332211',caller='091')
 FreeSentral : register.php : trying routeToExtension(called='0040744332211')
 FreeSentral : register.php : 0040744332211 is international or expensive
 FreeSentral : register.php : Forbidding call to '0040744332211' because because international calls are off.

International calls are off so call is rejected. ReEnable International Calls