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Documentation bullet Change Root Password

If you had the “luck” to forget the password, follow the steps below:

  • Start /restart the OS.
  • Immediately after loading the GRUB bootloader, press ESC.
  • If the “linux” entry is highlighted press “e” for editing the kernel line before booting.
  • Press “e” to edit the kernel line.
  • Type on the command line: init=/bin/bash
  • Press “b” for booting.
  • After restarting, type cat /proc/mounts to verify the rights for editing the system's files; you will be given this info:

rootfs / rootfs rw 0 0

/dev/root / ext3 rw,noatime,errors=continue,commit=5,data=ordered 0 0

  • Type mount -o rw, remount/ if you have no editing rights for root.
  • Type passwd and write the new password.
  • Type sync to ensure file system integrity.
  • Type reboot.

Note: The steps for the LILO bootloader are a little bit different.