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FreeSentral, a new IP PBX design

26 July 2010 Bucharest, Romania

Null Team, a Romanian software company, releases a new open source application, FreeSentral, which is an easy-to-use and accessible IP PBX( Internet Protocol Private Branch eXchange).

An user-friendly design was the primary focus. The Wizard is a friendly approach to a complex issue. Setting up an IP PBX is sometimes a tiresome matter for a beginner. One has to configure all the features required for a telephony system. This is when the Wizard steps up and guides the user through the basic steps of setting extensions, gateways, dial plans, voicemail and the Auto Attendant.

One of the main goals was to deliver a performant IP PBX that has many useful features: call transfer, voicemail, call hunt, conference, call pick up, flush digits, call hold.

The advanced features are also an important part of FreeSentral. The software can be used to do fallback routing, impersonate extensions, set up callerIDs, complex dial plans, playlists for Music On Hold.

The easy ways to try FreeSentral are the LiveCD and the demo website. The LiveCD allows users to run the PBX in less than a minute, without any installation. The demo is always available for those that want to take a peak before downloading the LiveCD. It is available at: .

Null Team wants to bring the best user-oriented application that has features like any other proprietary IP PBX has. This makes FreeSentral a powerful competitor for renown proprietary IP PBXs out there while being open source.

About Null Team:

Null Team is a Romanian software company started in 2004, whose founders have years of experience in telephony and software industries. The company sells solutions for call centers, telephony carriers, for enterprise and soho market. Null Team builds the best solutions for their business customers and offers warranty for every solution they sell, so that you will not have any hidden costs.


Name: S.C. Null Team Impex SRL.