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Documentation: Settings

The Settings option groups:

General settings

Currently one can set just the name of the script to handle the leaving of voicemails. This is made by default when FreeSentral is installed and should not be modified unless one is totally sure of that action. The default value for this setting is:



The admin has the role in charge with the maintenance of the system. It has unlimited access to configurations, setup and any kind of changes inside FreeSentral. The administrator role is available via 'admin' account. The admin account is different from the user account. The user account has an extension number associated with it. The admin account doesn't have an extension number associated with it, but the administrator has access to all the user accounts in the system.

Add admin

Edit admin

Delete admin

Address Book

The address book entries are numbers associated with a person's name. This allows you to call a certain extension by typing the person's name(the digits corresponding that person's name).

Add entry

Edit entry

Delete entry

Limits international calls

Freesentral protects your system against attackers trying to make expensive calls. The system counts the number of calls for the specified prefixes and if counters reach the specified limits, calls for those prefixes are disabled. By default all international calls are counted. Below are the default values for international calls.

Edit limit


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