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Documentation: Outbound

The Outbound option groups the settings one needs to do in order to connect the PBX to the outside world.


A gateway is FreeSentral's connection to another FreeSentral, other PBX or network. It is the address you choose your call to go to.

Add gateway

Adding a SIP gateway with registration

Edit gateway

Delete gateway

Dial Plan

To define a dial plan means to make the connection between a call and a gateway. You have the possibility to direct calls of your choice to go to a specified gateway. When a call comes the gateway whose prefix best matched the called number will be used. If more than one gateway is found, they will be ordered by the priority(a higher number means a smaller priority). Freesentral offers fallback routing. A maximum number of 3 routes is selected(this number can be changed from config.php from Yate share/scripts). If call fails then the next available route is tried.

Add dial plan

Edit dial plan

Delete dial plan

Modify number

Number: 0744224022
You wish to send the number in international format: +40744334011
You should set : Position to start adding : 1
Digits to add: +4

Number: 5550744224011
You wish to send the number in international format: +40744334011
You can achieve this in 2 ways:
Position to start replacing: 1
Nr of digits to replace: 3
Digits to replace with: +4
Position to start cut: 1
Nr of digits to cut: 3
Position to start add: 1
Digits to add: +4

Number: 0744224022555
You wish to send the number without the last 555 like this: 0744224022
Position to start cutting: -3
Nr of digits to cut: 3

System's CallerID

You have the option to set a default caller number and caller name for all calls when making calls to outside your system. This parameters can be set per gateway and they will be used instead of the default one.

International Calls

Freesentral protects your system against attackers trying to make expensive calls. The system counts the number of calls for the specified prefixes and if counters reach the specified limits, calls for those prefixes are disabled. By default all international calls are counted.

International prefixes

By default freesentral comes with '00' (Europe international prefix), '011'(US international prefix) and '+' (prefix for numbers in e164 format) as international prefixes. You can refine them and specify just certain expensive destinations and leave the other international prefixes uncounted.

Exception prefixes

Depending on the country you are located in, certain prefixes won't be counted as international even if they match the international ones. Define more refined prefixes for the exceptions for the national prefixes/international prefixes that are often used in your system.

ReEnable International Calls

You can disable all international/expensive calls by selecting "disable" in the "International Calls" dropdown. If any of the limits specified in Settings>>Limits international calls are reached then international calls will be disabled. In this case you will see a red box with 'International calls: off' and the reason and time when they were disabled on the home page.

You can enable them again by either clicking on the 'Enable' link as seen in the image below or by connecting with telnet to yate and typing 'international on'.


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