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Documentation: Installing

In using FreeSentral there are three components involved:


In a small configuration all these components are installed on the same machine. It is however possible to use different computers to improve performance. In this case you should perform the installation described below both on the Yate server and on the Web server. The database can be initialized remotely during either of these installs.

  1. Log on to your system or start a terminal console
  2. Download and install the last copy of Yate from the Subversion (SVN). 

     See documentation here 
     (perform this step only on yate server)

        You will need Yate 3.0, or later

  3. Download the last copy of FreeSentral from Subversion (SVN) Download
  4. Go to FreeSentral new created directory: cd freesentral
  5. Run ./
  6. Answer the questions of the interactive installer.

Before showing a console example of the installation process, it's necessary to explain the content of the main directories used by FreeSentral.The directories used for installing configuration files, scripts or IVR prompts are as follows:

These are the questions that the installer is going to ask. They all have default answers and you will need to insert different if you wish to change the default settings.

    [root@localhost freesentral]# ./ 
    Note!!! FreeSentral requires at least PostgreSQL 8.2.0 
    Installer for FreeSentral v1.
    At the following prompts you can enter the word 'no' to disable defaults
    Install Yate config file in: [/usr/local/etc/yate]
    Install Yate scripts in: [/usr/local/share/yate/scripts]
    Install IVR prompts in: [/var/spool/voicemail]
    Install Web pages in: [/var/www/html/freesentral]
    Ip address for yate server: []
    Web user : [apache]
    Database host: [localhost]
    Database name: [freesentral]
    Database user: [postgres]
    Database password: []
    PostgreSQL command: [/usr/bin/psql]
    Install options
        Config file in '/usr/local/etc/yate'
        Scripts dir in '/usr/local/share/yate/scripts'
        IVR prompts in '/var/spool/voicemail'
        Web pages in   '/var/www/html/freesentral'
	    Web user       'apache'
            Host     'localhost'
            Name     'freesentral'
            User     'postgres'
            Password ''
        PosgreSQL tool '/usr/bin/psql'
    Proceed with installation?: [yes]
    Installing Yate configuration files
    Creating extmodule configuration file
    Creating moh configuration file
    Creating pgsqldb configuration file
    Creating queues configuration file
    Creating pbxassist configuration file
    Creating openssl configuration file
    Creating rmanager configuration file
    Trying to generate SSL certificate
    Generating SSL key
    Generating SSL csr
    Installing Yate scripts
    Installing IVR prompts
    Installing Web application
    Creating configuration file
    Initializing the database 


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