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Documentation: Extensions

The extensions refer to the internal phones attached to the IP PBX. Extensions have a double role:
a) The extension's number is the username used by your telephone(hardphone or soft client) to authenticate itself to FreeSentral.
b) The extensions number can be used to login in the interface to listen to voicemail messages and set forward options for each extension.

Call between extensions are made trough the FreeSentral server, free of charge.

After defining the extensions, one is able to create Groups and add extensions to each group, an extension being able to exist in more than one group. Each group will have it's own extension number of two digits. When a call will come for the group all the extensions in that group will be called. The first one that answers will take the call.

Add extension:

Search extension:

Edit extension:

Delete extension:

Join group:

Impersonate extension:

As an admin you can enter into an extension's account by using this option.


If you have a large number of extensions you want to add it would be easier to import a list than add it manually.

Add range:

If you want to add extensions with consecutive numbers, such as from 100 to 110, you can use this option.

Editing a group

Add group:

Put your system in order by creating groups of extensions.

Edit group:

Delete groups:

Remove group members:


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