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There are several ways to contact us.


Paul Chitescu
Diana Cionoiu

If you intend to ask a technical question please consider using the list below. There are many people that contributed to Yate and can answer your questions.

Mailing lists.

Subscribe to the Yate mailing list.
Get help about the Yate mailing list.
Unsubscribe from the Yate mailing list.

A quick view of the archive is available and can be searched by Google - please use this feature to check if your problem wasn't asked and answered before.

Please consider replying to the list rather than to the post authors - remember, there are others that can provide help or may benefit from the answers. The authors will see your replies too - they have to be subscribed to the list.


You can find the yate users group in channel #yate on the Freenode IRC network ( ).

Yahoo Messenger

Diana can be contacted as user biba200 .


You can call us at +40 316201400 or +40726088939 or send a fax to +40 316201403
VoIP calls are also possible as these numbers are ENUM registered either with or

Or even mail us at:
Str. Dambului 141
Sector 4, Bucharest, Romania

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